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We recognize that your company enjoys a high reputation in the field of intelligent manufacturing, with all your efforts in researching in the industry. Here by this mail, we would sincerely invite you to join us to the 2017 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit, Nanjing. The summit is planning to be held in December 6th to 8th, and we believe your participation would bring a new vision of our development.

The World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit is jointly sponsored by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, United Association of Intelligent Manufacturing of China Association for Science and Technology, and Nanjing Municipal People’s Government will jointly host the summit. We will make our efforts to build a top-rank summit for intelligent manufacturing by gathering delegates from the most innovative companies, research institutes, industry leaders, and scholars. We will focus on the innovation that intelligent manufacturing has brought to the world, and how this revolution can drive the world economic transformation as well as human civilization.

The summit includes an opening ceremony, exhibition and presentation, and series of special activities, which are composed of the main forum and sub-forums. The participants, such as high-officials of leading companies, delegates from famous research institutes, scholars and other elites, will discuss the current situation and future trend of intelligent manufacturing, to analyze into the latest cases and explore the cooperation opportunities between Jiangsu and the world. For the exhibition and presentation part, there will be demonstration on the frontier technology and top products, solution plans and latest results of the companies.

Here by this mail, we would sincerely invite you to participate in the 2017 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit, Nanjing, to share your experience, and let us forge a future together.

Organizing Committee, 2017 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit, Nanjing


WIMS 2016 Overview

WIMS 2016 was held in Nanjing on December 6-8, 2016 with philosophy of Global Vision, National Strategy and Local Practice. The Summit received great support from Chinese Academy of Engineering, German Academy of Engineering, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering, China Machinery Industry Federation, Germany Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Association of German Industry and other world-famous institutions. In the Summit, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic China released China Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2016-2020), outlining the two-step development strategy and 10 major tasks by 2025, including accelerating development of IM equipment and enhancing key common technological innovation. As reported, about 9,000 participants from 20 countries and regions joined in the Summit. It was well received by the participants and widely reported by the media.

The Expo in conjunction with the Summit, gathered together 285 enterprises from 11 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, South Korea, Finland, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong, with an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters. Nearly 40 Fortune 500 companies and world-class institutions showcased the latest IM solutions and equipment. Nearly 100,000 people visited the Expo.

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